Saturday, 24 July 2010

What's the Accelerant?

Yesterday I was asked an interesting question. "What accelerant are you using?"

I have had an incredible writing month. I've received way more money from my
writing than I have ever received in one month. Goodness - make that many
months. I had written to CWG_S.Africa, my online group for Christian South African writers to tell them of my latest acceptance, and this was the question.

Background: Two weeks ago, I decided I had to up my writing income somehow. So I set an amount that I had to earn each month. However, there's no way freelance writers can predict how much they'll earn in a month, as every article takes months or even years to go through. So I decided the best way was to set a goal of how much writing I would submit each month, measuring it in ZAR. (S.African rand)

This month: Over the space of a few weeks, I received payment for:
  • a series of 14 devotions written on assignment last year
  • a devotion written eighteen months ago
  • four devotions published in four issues of a publication, written and submitted over several months, commencing nearly two years ago
  • four stories published in four different anthologies -- the first one submitted over a year ago

The fact that the finance all arrived in one month has not only been timely, I think it's God's way of showing me (and hopefully you) the importance of submitting on a regular basis. That will not only build up my platform, it'll also build up my bank balance.

So what's the accelerant?

Submit! Submit! Submit!

And before that you have to Write! Write! Write! 

Of course, this doesn't only apply to writing. It's a simple fact of life: The more you sow, the more you will reap.

And before you approach me for a loan, understand it'll probably be months before I enjoy a harvest like this again. Why? Because this included two "late payments". And because I haven't submitted at that rate on a regular basis. (This is about to change--as of this month.)

So fellow writers, my question for you is, What are you going to write before the end of the month?

And if you're not a writer, how can you sow seeds that will show profit (financial or any other way) that will enrich your life in the near future?