Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Book Review: Kaleidoscope by Patsy Clairmont

Patsy Clairmont describes a kaleidoscope as "a simple tube of mirrors filled with pebbles or beads". As we hold it up to the light and peer through the pinhole at the end, we see amazing colours and designs we didn't know existed. Patsy likens the book of Proverbs to a spiritual kaleidoscope. As we peer at the seemingly random statements that make up this book, Patsy helps us see "God's wit and wisdom in a whole new light". 

Monday, 3 May 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Live Free Series - by Jan Kern

True stories, true hope . . .

In the face of confusing messages in a chaotic world, teens and young adults need to know they don't have to get caught up or stuck in pain and brokenness. There is hope and a story God wants to unfold far greater than any they can imagine.
Through her writing and speaking, Jan Kern encourages that discovery. Get these books for the young adults in your life. If you're a parent of a young person, you can't afford to not read these books.

Scars That Wound, Scars That Heal - A Journey Out of Self-Injury 
"I want to stop . . . I feel like I did something to deserve this. When is it going to be over?"
- Jackie
Seduced by Sex, Saved by Love - A Journey Out of False Intimacy 
"The more I did it . . . the less I cared about myself."
- Suzy


Eyes Online, Eyes On Life - A Journey Out of Online Addictions
"I was so trapped . . . No person could possibly drag me out."
- Colin
Also available from Jan Kern: Take a Closer Look for Women
50 eye-opening meditations.

These uncommon and unexpected insights will inspire every area of your life. 

 All these books are available in your local bookstores or at

Book Review: To Catch a Thief Series - Jill Nelson

Reluctant Burglar Book 1
Art stole her heart . . . Now can she return the favor? Desiree Jacobs faces a ring of cutthroat art thieves and accepts help from the man she most distrusts in her attempt to return priceless art to the rightful owners. An unusual twist to a clever plot. An entertaining read. 

Reluctant Runaway Book 2 
Stolen Indian artifacts . . . A murdered museum guard . . . A missing woman . . . A baby in danger . . . Only Desiree can unearth the horrifying secret that links them all. A gripping story high in suspense and romance. 

Reluctant Smuggler Book 3
The say keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . but what if you can't tell the difference.
Even with Tony at her side, Desiree needs more than luck to survive in this final novel of the series. Thank you for a fascinating trio of books, Jill. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Hope for the Journey through Cancer by Yvonne Ortega

When you or your loved one face a diagnosis of cancer, and you're in the midst of hospital visits and treatments, you may wonder, Where is God? Where is his love and mercy?

Yvonne Ortega knows these feelings only too well.

In this book, written five years after her confrontation with cancer,Yvonne offers to walk alongside you with encouragement and compassion gleaned from God's Word. Yvonne reminds us that even when it looks like we are alone, God is there every step of the way.

As a cancer survivor myself, I wish this book had been around when I needed it. Well done Yvonne! Thank you for allowing me to share a little of the journey with you.
Order your copy today. Visit Yvonne's website at: Yvonne Ortega.