Sunday, 18 October 2009

Girl with Two Red Cases

A few months ago, I accepted Cec Murphey's generous offer to sponsor me to the Florida Christian Writers Conference in March next year. A few weeks later, a writing friend in Johannesburg agreed to come with me. Woohoo!

We both needed new cases, so decided to go with burgundy as it is not as common, and the cases would be easier to pick out of the masses.

Marion being Marion, went first and within days she had her case. Shirley being Shirley priced, prayed, and went back to work! I'm delighted to report that I have now got myself a duo of burgundy cases: one for the hold and one for the cabin. My laptop will ride piggy-back on the small case.

So we are now officially "The girls with the red cases".

Oh and as a note of interest, burgundy seems to be the new "IN colour". Every shop in town is selling them. Ah well, Marion . . . maybe we can buy S.African straps to put round them to make them stand out?